The Climate-system Historical Forecast Project

at Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmosfera

How to access to CHFP data?

The CHFP dataset is open and free for non-commercial purposes. After registering anyone can obtain model output via the CHFP data servers. Please use the acknowledgment on right side when using CHFP/SHFP data.

In order to maximize collaboration and minimize duplication of effort, the proposed experiment will include a diagnostic sub-project approval process. The following is an abbreviated list of potential sub-projects. It is anticipated that a large number of addition sub-projects will be implemented as the experimental results become available.

  • Limit of Predictability Estimates: One potential estimate for the limit of predictability is to determine when a particular forecast probability density function (pdf) is indistinguishable from climatological pdf of the forecasts
  • ENSO mechanism diagnostic: Recharge oscillator versus delayed oscillator, role of stochastic forcing, westerly wind events;
  • Impact of the AO on seasonal predictability;
  • Regional predictability;
  • Local land surface predictability;
  • Extreme events;
  • Monsoon predictability;
  • Diurnal cycle in ocean;
  • Diurnal cycle in the atmosphere;
  • Coupled feedbacks;
  • Intra-seasonal oscillations.
The diagnostic sub-projects will also include extensive interactions with the applications community and the regional panels within CLIVAR, GEWEX, SPARC and CliC. These interactions and collaborations are viewed as critical elements of the implementation plan and are strongly encouraged.

"We acknowledge the WCRP/CLIVAR Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction (WGSIP) for establishing the Climate-system Historical Forecast Project (CHFP, see Kirtman and Pirani 2009) and the Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmosfera (CIMA) for providing the model output
We also thank the data providers for making the model output available through CHFP."
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Some data providers have additional terms and conditions for use of their data: ECWMF restrict use to non-commercial research and require no onward distribution of data (see LICENCE from ECMWF).
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